Talavera Tile

Talavera Tile
Sale $2.66 - $314.10
Reg. $2.95 - $349.00
Bon Appetit Pink
Item Number: TIL502
Experience the true spirit of the Day of the Dead with these beautifully handcrafted Talavera tiles! Each tile has a charming depiction of the afterlife, and makes an excellent gift for Day of the Dead or Halloween lovers. Or install these decorative tiles in your kitchen or bath to create a colorful addition to your home decor. Talavera tiles also work great for covering the risers on a staircase or the walls of a patio, and left-over tiles makeMore…
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Talavera Tile - Quantity 1
Talavera Tile - Quantity 1
4" x 4"
Item #: TIL502A
Reg $2.95
Sale $2.66
Save $0.29 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Pack of 9
Talavera Tile - Pack of 9
4" x 4"
Item #: TIL502B
Reg $25.25
Sale $22.73
Save $2.52 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Pack of 25
Talavera Tile - Pack of 25
4" x 4"
Item #: TIL502C
Reg $68.30
Sale $61.47
Save $6.83 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Pack of 45
Talavera Tile - Pack of 45
4" x 4"
Item #: TIL502D
Reg $115.95
Sale $104.36
Save $11.59 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Box of 90
Talavera Tile - Box of 90
4" x 4"
Item #: TIL502E
Reg $219.00
Sale $197.10
Save $21.90 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Box of 40**
Talavera Tile - Box of 40**
6" x 6"
Item #: TIL502F**
Reg $239.00
Sale $215.10
Save $23.90 (10%)
Talavera Tile - Box of 360**
Talavera Tile - Box of 360**
2" x 2"
Item #: TIL502G**
Reg $349.00
Sale $314.10
Save $34.90 (10%)
Helpful Information
  • All our Day of the Dead Talavera tiles are 1/4" thick. A full box in any size will cover 10 square feet.
  • Please call 1.888.622.0939 to discuss pricing for orders of five or more boxes.
  • Due to the handmade nature of Talavera, colors and design may vary slightly.
  • **THIS ITEM IS A SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of all 6" x 6" and 2" x 2" tiles in this design.
Customers Reviews
"My order just arrived and I had to email you right away to let you know not only how happy with the item I ordered by how much I appreciate your above and beyond customer service. I needed this item to make a gift in short order and everyone I spoke with at La Fuente made that happen for me. SO happy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"
Catherine D.; Apache Junction, AZ
"I received my tile two days ago and my husband has already installed it in my new bathroom. It is beautiful and makes a lovely border. I just love it! I was so surprised at how fast it arrived. You did a beautiful job of packing it. Thanks for such excellent service, great product, very good price. I am so happy. I am in a wheelchair so my husband is building me a new handicapped bathroom. I wanted Mexican tile as a border. I must have looked at 100 or more websites until I came upon yours. I almost gave up on the idea until I found your website. Thanks again. You made an old lady happy!!!"
Helen M.; East Greenville, PA
"THANK YOU! I placed an order for Talavera tiles on April 12th. You had it shipped on the 13th. The tile was absolutely gorgeous. Every piece I ordered was there with not a broken one. I want to thank you so much for your prompt shipping and your great products. I will be placing another order soon."
David K.; Ocean Springs, MS