Green Jalapeño Ristra

Green Jalape&ntildeo Ristra
Green Jalapeño Ristra
$27.95 - $39.95
Item Number: CCR001
Looking to spice up your home? Do you like the look of strung chiles?

Our ristras are designed by artists in Mexico to perfectly replicate the look of specific chiles, then they are cast, colored and fired in durable ceramics. No more replacing your ristras every season, step up to permanent ceramic ristras that look perfect all year round.

These gorgeous ceramic Green Jalapeno pepper ristras are sure to add southwestern and Mexican spiceMore…
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Small Green Jalapeño Ristra
3 1/2"W x 14"L
Item #: CCR001A
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Large Green Jalapeño Ristra
4 1/2"W x 18"L
Item #: CCR001B
Eligible for free ground shipping on orders over $99.95.
Helpful Information
  • The small jalapeņo ristra contains 17-19 ceramic chiles.
  • The large jalapeņo ristra contains 40-42 ceramic chiles.
  • Each ristra is made with a loop at the top of the burlap twine for easy hanging.