Zapotec Weaving

Zapotec Weaving
Sale $22.50 - $890.10
Reg. $25.00 - $989.00
Item Number: LP1
The Zapotec rugs and weavings available from La Fuente Imports were chosen for the strength of their weave, quality of the dyes, complexity of design, and overall expression of warmth and cultural spirit. Every rug is loomed in the weaver's home, not in a factory, and will last many years longer than commercially-made Mexican rugs because they contain 20-30% more wool. Whether used as a floor covering or for display on your wall, these colorful andMore…
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Set of 4 Zapotec Coasters
Item #: LP1A
Reg $25.00
Sale $22.50
Save $2.50 (10%)
13in x 18in Zapotec Placemat
Item #: LP1B
Reg $30.00
Sale $27.00
Save $3.00 (10%)
18in x 2ft 6in Zapotec Rug
Item #: LP1E
Reg $61.00
Sale $54.90
Save $6.10 (10%)
17in x 17in Zapotec Pillow
Item #: LP1D
Reg $61.00
Sale $54.90
Save $6.10 (10%)
13in x 4ft Zapotec Runner
Item #: LP1H
Reg $81.00
Sale $72.90
Save $8.10 (10%)
23in x 23in Zapotec Pillow**
Item #: LP1C**
Reg $111.00
Sale $99.90
Save $11.10 (10%)
13in x 6ft 6in Zapotec Runner
Item #: LP1I
Reg $116.00
Sale $104.40
Save $11.60 (10%)
2ft x 3ft Zapotec Rug
Item #: LP1G
Reg $116.00
Sale $104.40
Save $11.60 (10%)
2ft 8in x 5ft Zapotec Rug
Item #: LP1J
Reg $270.00
Sale $243.00
Save $27.00 (10%)
2ft 8in x 8ft 2in Zapotec Runner**
Item #: LP1N**
Reg $476.00
Sale $428.40
Save $47.60 (10%)
4ft x 6ft 6in Zapotec Rug**
Item #: LP1L**
Reg $638.00
Sale $574.20
Save $63.80 (10%)
5ft x 8ft Zapotec Rug**
Item #: LP1M**
Reg $989.00
Sale $890.10
Save $98.90 (10%)
100% hand-loomed sheep's wool and all natural organic dyes.
Helpful Information
  • Pictured above is the 2ft x 3ft size rug. Smaller sizes may use parts of the larger rug design, and larger sizes may repeat the main design.
  • ** This item is a SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of all 23x23", 2'8"x8'2", 4'x6'6" and 5'x8' Zapotec weavings in this design
  • Colors may vary slightly by dye lot.
Customers Reviews
"The beautiful rug arrived Tuesday, and it is everything we'd hoped for. Thanks so much for the great service, and helpfulness."
Charlene P.; Baldwin City, KS
"The yarn painting is absolutely incredible. The 2x3 rug looks great. I will most likely order another yarn painting in the future and will also definitely provide excellent word-of-mouth as to where I ordered these. Great customer service! Thanks!"
Timothy S.; Austin, TX
"The rug arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL. As always, we are very happy with the items we order from you."
Greg T.; Glendale, CA