Bass Bench

Bass Bench
Sale $405.30 - $669.00
Reg. $549.00 - $669.00
Item Number: CB150
The perfect combination of beauty and utility, this stunning bass bench will add color and charm to any seating area. Hand carved and hand painted by highly skilled artisans in central Mexico, these benches are heirloom-quality, to be passed down from one generation to the next. So summon the interior designer from within, and create a fabulous new space in your home with this striking bass bench as the centerpiece.
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Bass Double Bench**
46"W x 40"H x 20"D
Item #: CB150D
This product is customizable by special order.
Bass Double Bench: Fully Assembled
46"W x 40"H x 20"D
Item #: CB150D-FA
This product is customizable by special order.
Reg $579.00
Sale $405.30
Save $173.70 (30%)
Bass Triple Bench**
58"W x 43"H x 20"D
Item #: CB150T
This product is customizable by special order.
The Carved Collection is constructed from forests certified and managed under the guidelines set forth by CERTFOR and endorsed by PEFC. Certification requires the implementation of long-term sustainable forest management and harvesting practices that conserve biodiversity, reduce carbon expenditures and respect indigenous cultures.
Helpful Information
  • The double bench is pictured above. Colors and design may vary slightly.
  • ** This bench is a SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.