Northland Birch Futon

Northland Birch Futon
Northland Birch Futon
$1,012.00 - $1,099.00
Item Number: LOG010
These are some of the most unique futon frames available today. Mother Nature made each piece different in shape, color and character. These beautiful birch logs are cut, tenoned together and coated with a clear lacquer finish to enhance the beauty of the wood. The back and seat sections are constructed of pine. The frame is both screwed and glued for solid construction. The futon is easily front-operated to recline in an infinte number of positionsMore…
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Northland Birch Full Futon Frame
32"H x 36"W x 87"L
Item #: LOG010F
Northland Birch Queen Futon Frame
35"H x 36"W x 92"L
Item #: LOG010Q
Northland Birch Loveseat Frame
32"H x 36"W x 67"L
Item #: LOG010LS
Northland Birch Arm Chair Frame
32"H x 36"W x 41"L
Item #: LOG010AC
Light assembly is required. All tools and hardware are included.

The Pine Log Collection is constructed from pine peeler cores, which traditionally remain unused in the lumber business. The repurposed peeler cores reduce waste and produce beautiful, clear furniture.
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  • Futon mattress is not included. For your convenience, the additional items pictured above can be purchased below under the 'We Also Suggest' category.