Sol Naciente Oil Painting on Canvas

Sol NacienteOil Painting on Canvas
Sol Naciente Oil Painting on Canvas
$2,565.00 - $3,600.00
Item Number: DV065
Artists from the studio of David Villasenor (1967-2007) keep his artistic ambition alive with these stunning depictions of Mexican culture. Each original, oil-on-canvas painting represents a moment of time captured through the photographic eyes of the artist himself. Today, in honor of this tradition, artists who were handpicked and trained by David Villasenor proudly continue his craft.
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Small Sol Naciente Oil Painting
55" x 55"
Item #: DV065C
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Medium Sol Naciente Oil Painting
60" x 60"
Item #: DV065B
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Large Sol Naciente Oil Painting
75" x 75"
Item #: DV065A
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Each extra-large canvas is stretched over a 3 1/2" thick interior wooden frame that makes display of your original painting both simple and economical. An exterior frame is not necessary or suggested. For secure shipping, each oil painting is individually crated for delivery.
Helpful Information
Every painting is a handmade original! For this reason, colors and design may vary slightly. Additionally, the photo shown above may be cropped slightly larger or smaller depending on the size chosen.