Celebrate A Mexican Valentine's Day

January 27, 2014

As in many parts of the world, Mexico celebrates Valentines' Day each February 14th. Known popularly as El Dia del Amor y la Amistad in Mexico, it is the "day of love and friendship." People commonly give flowers, candies and gifts to their romantic partners, but it's also a day to show appreciation for friends. It's true that celebrating this date has no connection with the history of Mexico, but love is always a great cause for celebration.

Since pre-Columbian times, Mexicans have regarded friendship very highly, considering it a precious gift of life. This might explain why during this annual celebration, you're likely to see people perform acts of kindness for their friends. Throughout Spanish speaking countries many street corners offer flowers and boutiques are decorated with chubby cupids as well as stores offering special glassware for the occasion.

Our adorable tin mirrors make striking yet inexpensive gifts that will be cherished for years to come. The Heart Mirror from Mexico is colorful and whimsically original. Each mirror is hand-punched and hand-painted by artisan families in Jalisco, Mexico, the bold color and bright designs will bring the power of love straight into your home. It's the perfect way to show appreciation for a friend or loved one!

A popular religious folk art piece, our Small Black Heart with Gold Milagros has been painstakingly adorned with tiny brass figures known as "milagros". The numerous tiny images nailed into each heart represent prayers and thanks for life's tiny miracles and gifts of heaven. What a wonderful way to let someone know you love and cherish them.

A beautiful addition to your everyday home décor, our Cherub with Violin makes a thoughtful little gift. This angelic cherub is hand formed and meticulously hand painted by the indigenous families of Peru. Performing a cheerful tune on his violin, this petite seraph will instantly charm his way into the receiver's heart.

La Fuente's painted clay boxes make great gifts! The Blue Heart Box is molded with clay into various figures and hand-painted one at a time by Mexican clay artisans. These small boxes are an ideal place to store small items and keepsakes such as jewelry, watches, or incense.

La Fuente Imports wishes you and yours a happy El Día del Amor y la Amistad!

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