Celebrate Day of the Dead with the Kids

September 16, 2013

Each year, as the long, hot days of summer yield to the cool autumn air, preparation begins for a joyous return of loved ones from beyond. If you've ever spent time in Mexico, it may seem as though the people of this vibrant country celebrate every aspect of life, yet the celebration that stands above them all is one shrouded in death. To a foreigner, this may conjure up images of ghoulish spirits or resurrected zombies, but for Mexicans The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) holds another meaning altogether. The Day of the Dead is a beautiful, uniquely Mexican celebration that comes alive once a year, bringing together the living while reconnecting with lost loved ones.

This year, get your kids involved in this Mexican celebration. La Fuente offers many gifts for kids which teach them in a fun way about the Day of the Dead festival. Our arts & crafts, stamps and puzzles are also perfect for using as Halloween decorations and party favors.

Sugar Skull Molds - Sugar skulls are a traditional folk art from Mexico used in Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. Part of the festive decorations, the sugar skulls are painted with brightly colored icing and can even be decorated with sequins, glitters and colored foils. Detailed instructions for creating your sugar skulls are included with every order.

Skull Decorating Supplies – The Complete Sugar Skulls Decorating Kit bundles the essentials to easily create lasting and beautiful sugar skulls! The kit includes an 8-ounce jar of Meringue powder for creating both your sugar skulls and the royal icing. Jars of concentrated food color pastes are included in the following colors (note, store bought food coloring will not work well with the icing): Super Black, Royal Blue, Golden Yellow, Emerald Green, Royal Red, and Royal Purple. Finally, 10 icing bags and zip ties are included for decorating your skulls in different colors! All of these items are also available individually.

Rubber Stamps - Add a festive Day-of-the-Dead symbol to almost anything with our high-quality rubber stamps! Each stamp is made with an easy-grip wooden back and they're perfect for decorating Halloween cards or posters, plus also make a charming gift!

Day of the Dead Puzzles - Perfect for keeping your kids entertained. Celebrate Day of the Dead or Halloween with puzzles which feature festive designs by Jose Guadalupe Posada.

If your child enjoys coloring then make sure you check out our Day of the Dead coloring cards & placemats too!

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