Comfortably Casual Southwestern Furniture

July 8, 2013

You don't have to live in New Mexico or Arizona to create a Comfortably Casual Southwestern look in your home. Begin by simply incorporating classic Mexican furniture of the Spanish colonial era into your design.

What should you keep in mind when selecting your furniture pieces? "Nancy Farina of the California Design Center describes Southwestern style architecture as large rooms, high ceilings and huge entryways to reflect "...the vastness of the Southwest landscape." If your home has these features, try to purchase furniture that coincides with the size of your rooms. If you get furniture that is too small, for example, it can look lost and out of place in a large room. The same goes for a smaller home; avoid too-bulky furniture that can clutter a small room. When choosing furniture, it is best to keep natural materials in mind." – Southwest Interior Design Ideas

By selecting pieces from our Southwest Furniture Collection, you can add instant richness and depth to any room of your decidedly Southwestern home. La Fuente's latest and arguably most impressive collection of southwestern furniture is truly a study in quality and history. The lakeside town of Patzcuaro, in the Mexican state of Michoacan, has long been considered a cultural and artisan center, where colonial buildings abound and a rich Spanish heritage has changed little since the early 1800s. The colonial and rustic styling of our Southwest Furniture Collection is quite literally a product of this setting, as the wood that is used consists of reclaimed beams, posts and planks from the area's abandoned haciendas, rural buildings, and decade-old churches.

The Southwest Furniture Collection is environmentally-friendly as it is constructed from wood reclaimed from local aging and abandoned haciendas. Using only aged, reclaimed wood, this collection reduces pressure on forest resources and promotes a sustainable usage cycle. The unique textures and finish colors of every furniture piece in this impressive collection exemplify classic Mexican style.

Once you've selected your new Southwest Furniture pieces, consider accenting them with Mexican tin lighting, Talavera pottery or accessories which add color and design interest to your desert home.

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