Decorate with Handpainted Masks from Mexico

September 16, 2013

Whether you live in a small cottage or a large hacienda, adding unique art pieces to your house you can make it a home. Masks have always invoked a sense of mystery and stirred something deep in the human spirit. These small pieces of Mexican Art can fit into spaces where other artwork won't work such as a nook, tiny wall next to a window or even displayed on a table.

Hand-painted in Jalisco, Mexico, our beautiful ceramic masks are evident of deft hands. Each is striking in its detail and design. The bright colors make a bold statement and will add vibrancy to almost any room you use it in.

La Fuente's collection of painted masks comes from the Fammas studio in Jalisco, Mexico. Each ceramic mask is finely painted in high detail that can barely be captured in photographs. With penetrating eyes, each mask captures a natural environment or cultural icon, invoking the spirit of the scene. Without a doubt, the striking beauty of these painted masks will lend an artist's touch to your decor.

For your convenience, each mask has both a permanent wire for hanging and holes on the sides for traditional mask cords. As each mask is hand-painted on ceramic, we suggest keeping them out of direct sunlight.

You'll be pleased with your purchase whether you select our hand-painted cockatoo mask, wolf mask, Frida Kahlo mask or any of our other designs.

Browse the entire selection of painted masks today!

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