Original Canvas Painting by Arnulfo Vazquez

Original Canvas Painting by Arnulfo Vazquez
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Item Number: BBAV008
Arnulfo Vazquez is a master artisan in the pre-Hispanic pottery technique known as barro brunido. One of the most notable features of barro brunido is how the pieces are painted in colorful, playful designs. These designs pair flora and fauna with complex geometric shapes, pre-Hispanic borders, and abstract themes including the mythical Nagual (a human who can transform into an animal, often a jaguar). Farmers tending their crops, seasonal celebrationsMore…
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Naghual Sol by Arnulfo Vazquez
"Naghual Sol" by Arnulfo Vazquez
31 1/2"W x 28"H
Item #: BBAV008
This item is one of a kind.
Reg $899.00
Sale $719.20
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Acrylic paint on canvas.
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This barro brunido inspired painting by master artisan Alnulfo Vazquez will make an exceptional addition to any fine art collection.