Alexandria Dining Table

Alexandria Dining Table
Alexandria Dining Table
$4,045.00 - $4,959.00
Item Number: DIN-13
A stunning long dining table is a must for when those special guests are in town. Choose from one of the two large sizes below and you will be enjoying this special Southwest piece in your own dining room. The elegant forged iron base supports the colorful table top with varying tones of copper. Be sure to select enough dining chairs for everyone!
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76" Alexandria Dining Table
76"W x 42"D x 31"H
Item #: DIN-1376
This product is customizable by special order.
96" Alexandria Dining Table
96"W x 44"D x 31"H
Item #: DIN-1396
This product is customizable by special order.
The Copper Collection is constructed from reclaimed wood and repurposed copper. Sourced from abandoned local haciendas and structures, the reclaimed wood takes on a second life and helps reduce pressure on forest resources. Discarded, damaged and unused copper is collected, re-forged and hand-hammered into spectacular copper tops, panels and accents.

The rich colors of red, brown, orange, yellow and black are fired directly into the copper. As the colors are random and not controllable, each piece is truly unique. The nature of the hammering is critical as to how the copper wears. The copper in this collection is hand-hammered using the optimal depth and spacing for preserving the appearance of the copper over time with use, scratching, and abrasion, while also allowing one to easily write on a sheet of paper on the same surface. The copper is also sealed with clear paste wax for protection. All the reclaimed wood has been thoroughly fumigated to eliminate insects. A dark brown wood stain is applied that is durable and water resistant. All iron work is also hand-forged and stunningly detailed.
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  • This item is available by Special Order.
  • This Dining Table is also available in custom dimensions. Please call for pricing.