Ladder Telephone Table

Ladder Telephone Table
Ladder Telephone Table
Item Number: WC110
For wine lovers who take great pleasure in serving fine wine to family and friends from the comfort of their own home, the Wine Country Collection provides style appropriate for the occasion.

The Ladder Telephone Table is an attractive accent table with 3 shelves in a tiered design. Place this table near a seat in the lounge or as a versatile entryway table.

To complement the unique textures and shades of the wood, each piece is availableMore…
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Ladder Telephone Table - Noir
15"W x 14"D x 30"H
Item #: WC110G
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  • Constructed from reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels. By repurposing oak barrels, this collection gives a second life to quality wood and saves thousands of barrels from the typical waste stream.
  • Prior to their reclamation, the original barrels were handmade and burnished to enhance certain flavors in the wine making process. This leads to uniquely shaped and colored staves of wood.
  • The shades of wood can also vary greatly depending on the variety of wine made in each particular barrel. After assembly of the furniture each piece is stained in a transparent finish color of your choice, which still allows the natural variations in the wood to be seen.
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  • This item is pictured above in the Pine Finish.