Nuevo End Table w/ Copper Top

Nuevo End Tablew/ Copper Top
Nuevo End Table w/ Copper Top
$919.00 - $1,022.00
Item Number: RSC-END003
Handmade in Mexico, our Antique Pine & Copper line features exceptional construction using all reclaimed wood up to 250 years old, outstanding craftsmanship, and hand-hammered copper accents. This collection will make a stunning statement in any room! Mix and match with furnishings from our other unique collections to create a cohesive southwestern feel throughout your home.

This end table features a simple, contemporary design and clean linesMore…
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Small Nuevo End Table w/ Copper Top
24"W x 24"D x 20"H
Item #: RSC-END003AC
This product is customizable by special order.
Large Nuevo End Table w/ Copper Top
24"W x 24"D x 24"H
Item #: RSC-END003BC
This product is customizable by special order.
The Antique Pine & Copper collection is constructed from reclaimed wood and re-purposed copper. Sourced from abandoned local haciendas and other old structures, the antique planks live a second life while reducing pressure on local forest resources. Before construction, the wood is completely re-milled and fumigated for insects. Once the furniture frame is complete, discarded copper is collected, re-forged and hammered by hand into spectacular copper tops, panels and accents.

The rich colors of red, brown, orange and black are fired directly into the copper. As the colors are random and not controllable, each piece is truly unique. The nature of the hammering is also critical to how the copper wears. All the copper in this collection is hand-hammered using the optimal depth and spacing for preservation of the copper finish over time. The copper is then sealed with clear paste wax for extra protection.
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