4 Ways to Use Hand Painted Ceramic Jars

Ceramic jars are the latest trend in home décor so, just like everything else here at La Fuente, we thought we could come up with fun and exciting ways for you to use these gorgeous Talavera handpainted jars.

Gorky Gonzalez Home

Behind the Design

4 Reasons to Have Gorky Gonzalez Tableware

Whether it is hosting dinner parties or just having a peaceful mealtime with your family, having brightly colored crockery is always something great to set the table with.

Rustic Wall Planter


4 Reasons Why You Need Wall Planters in Your Home

Spring is just around the corner in a month or two and this is the time for planting new and freshly colored flowers.

Talavera Suns

Behind the Design

The Sun and Moon - Significance in Art and Design

The sun and moon for thousands of years have long been the center for different beliefs for many people.

Copper Bedroom Set


Styling Your Bedroom Nightstand

When it comes to styling one’s room, the nightstand or the bedside table, usually gets the least bit of attention. It is just plopped on the side of the bed and that’s about it

Chili Decorative Mural


5 Signs You Love Chili

You know that chilies are love, but are you a chili lover or just someone who likes it occasionally? Here are some signs why you might be more than a chili enthusiast.

Oaxacan Carving Octopus

Behind the Design

4 Things to Know About Oaxaca and Its People

Take a culture trip down to Oaxaca and know about this beautiful place and its people. Oaxaca is a state in the South of Mexico that is inhabited by indigenous people, most of whom are pure Native Americans hailing from different tribes.

Barro Brunido Fish

Behind the Design

Handcrafted Barro Brunido from Mexico

Barro Brunido, or "Burnished Clay" is one of the oldest known pre-Hispanic pottery techniques and the foundation from which numerous other clay techniques have been derived.


Easy Tips for Arranging Pillows

When it comes to room décor and arrangement, everyone just worries about the pillows and cushions at the end. Just throw them on the sofa or chair and you are done, right?

Jesus Gurrero

Behind the Design

Master Artisans of Mexico

Investing in Mexican art is a prudent way to protect your money in the uncertainty of today's economic climate

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