Colorful Original Oil Paintings for your Home

July 18, 2013

Add luxury to your walls of your home with colorful original oil paintings on canvas. Paintings of Mexico offer a wonderful depth and richness to any room they are displayed in. The paintings displayed in a home convey the artistic tastes and culture of your home so select art which speaks to you.

"Bright oil paintings can serve as the focal point of your living room or simply add a happy and cheerful mood to the room. The paintings' bright colors can establish a color scheme for your decor or enhance the color scheme you've already selected." - Janece Bass, eHow Contributor.

If you love realistic renderings of real life in Mexico then you'll fall in love with oil paintings from the studio of David Villasenor (1967-2007). Artists keep his artistic ambition alive with stunning photo-realistic depictions of Mexican culture. Each original, oil-on-canvas painting represents a moment of time captured through the photographic eyes of the artist himself. Today, in honor of this tradition, artists who were handpicked and trained by David Villasenor proudly continue his craft.

The large selection of original oil paintings available from La Fuente will add instant beauty to your walls. Since each piece of art is an original, colors and designs may vary slightly. The extra-large canvas is stretched over a 3 1/2" thick interior wooden frame that makes display of your original painting both simple and economical since an exterior frame is not necessary or suggested.

Decorate your walls with Original Mexican Oil Paintings today!

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