Dramatic Santa Fe Furniture

July 16, 2013

Dark furniture can add drama and formality to your home! Our Santa Fe Furniture Collection is for those who love darker furniture and appreciate the distressed, rustic look in their home decor.

To achieve the rustic appearance of this furniture collection, each piece of birch wood is distressed, by darkening and rounding its corners and flattening or indenting its edges, and then treated with a dark espresso stain for a high quality finish. The slate inlays feature multiple rich colors that can vary wildly, assuring your piece of furniture will be one-of-a-kind, and are sealed in the wood to prevent cracks and debris. The dimpled knobs are black hand-forged iron and high quality waterfall glass is used throughout.

The dark espresso stain creates a high-quality finish that is especially beautiful when contrasted to the colorful slate inlays. The combination of solid birch wood and birch veneers produces an affordable furniture collection which will last for years to come.

Since many Southwestern homes utilize subdued colors that reflect the region and surrounding mesas, our espresso stained furniture pieces will coincide beautifully into this color scheme. Keep in mind when placing your new Santa Fe Furniture into rooms that there should be a natural flow and feeling of space. One idea is to pull the furniture away from the walls and focus on creating small groupings to make better use of space.

Compliment your Santa Fe furniture pieces with accessories in earthy tones of terra cotta, brown and cream. Consider some pops of bright color too! Otomi embroidered textiles, native plants and azure blue home accents will all beautify your Southwestern home design.

Select your new furniture today! Santa Fe Furniture Collection

Article Resource: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/southwestern-home-interior-design-ideas-1282.html

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