Decorating with Mexican Metal Wall Art

June 24, 2013

Give your room personality by incorporating Mexican Metal Wall Art into the design! Make a wall stand out with three-dimensional pieces which cast interesting shadows that add another layer of interest to the wall. Make your wall art a real showstopper by adding up-lighting to the space. Decorating with metal wall art is easy because it improves the atmosphere almost anywhere.

Interior decorator, Gabrielle Di Stefano shares, "Art engages us, stirs our soul and creates debate, but it is often the final piece in a room. Although art is usually saved for last, the right piece of art can tie all the other elements in a space together. When used in a surprising place, art can be thrilling. When we least expect it, a colorful depiction from a child's imagination in a mudroom or a thought-provoking landscape over a kitchen bench delights us. Elicit surprise and delight by displaying art in spaces where someone might least expect it!"

Each one-of-a-kind art piece available from La Fuente Imports has been diligently handcrafted from carbon-infused sheet metal and Earth's natural minerals. After the steel form is bent and shaped, then the brilliant metallic colors are applied by firing rich mineral powders directly atop the solder. Finally, each piece is highlighted with real bronze. The result is a work of art that will lend a Southwest accent to any wall of your home.

La Fuente's painted metal wall art is from the studios of Elias Toledano in Jalisco, Mexico. These unique metal wall art pieces are expertly crafted and wonderfully painted. With powerful details and eye-catching color schemes, this collection of wall art is sure to invoke nature and the Southwest. Each piece is hand-painted and matte finished for indoor or outdoor use. As decoration for your patio, garden, office or living room, there is a design here to brighten your space.

Each metal wall art creation is finished with an industrial-grade, clear lacquer finish that is rust-proof for life! This means that most of these beautiful pieces can be displayed outdoors.

Browse our variety of Mexican Metal Wall Art today!

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