All You Need to Know about Mexican Home Dećor

Mexican décor is a surefire way of adding a colorful, welcoming touch to your home.

Rustic Oak Bed


How to Style Your Bed

Does your bed seem dull and uninviting to you at times? Do you envy the luxurious or nicely styled beds you see in magazines or in hotels?

Rustic Pine Dressers

Behind the Design

4 Reasons Why You Should Follow the Rustic Furniture Trend

Many design styles can fall into the rustic category. Rustic furniture means furniture design that seems aged, rough, natural and casual.

David Villasenor


4 Ways to Give Life to Your Walls

Your walls are what make your home, but it’s the last thing you think about when it comes to decorating your room. A good paint job is merely not enough to give life to your walls.

Southwest Chico Cabinet


5 Reasons to Get Reclaimed Wood

These days reclaimed wood furniture is a growing trend that many people are adopting for their homes. Reclaimed wood is a high-quality and upscaled wood that has been sourced from different places, hence the name ‘reclaimed’.


Little Ways of Adding Color to Your Room

You can decorate and redecorate your room all you want, but one thing is for sure – a bland room will never look appealing.

Southwest Night Stand

Behind the Design

The 5 Things to Consider When Buying Furniture Online

Buying furniture can be a tedious task at times. If you are someone who loves to shop online, especially for furniture, then there are some guidelines that you must check before you click to order something for your home.

Painted Round Mirror


Why You Need to Add a Round Mirror to Your Room

Mirrors, despite being only 200 or so years old, have become a huge part of interior design.

Zapotec Rug

Behind the Design

4 Reasons Rugs Make Everything Look Better

A rug is an essential item that many people use when trying to decorate their home but there is so much more to a rug than just the plain function of furnishing.

Antique Pine and Copper Console Table


3 Living Room Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone loves to try their hand at decorating their home. After all, it is your safe haven and you can choose to decorate and style it however you want.

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