Talavera Planters


The Significance of Talavera Tiles and Pottery

It’s time you introduce the beauty of Talavera tiles and pottery to your house. Learn about Talavera and check out some amazing Talavera décor items available at La Fuente!


Beautify Your Garden with Rustic Pottery

Our online store inventory offers you a wide variety of handmade garden planters and other unique Clay creations that are sure to add both whimsy and functionality to your patio, steps or garden spaces.

Talavera Dove Planter


4 Tips for Setting Up a Balcony Garden

So, you have decided to set up a balcony garden but have no idea where to start? No fret, just follow these tips and trick to set up a little green corner, right in your balcony!

Talavera Tile Kitchen


Easy Kitchen Decor Tips

The kitchen is like the heart of a house. Most people overlook decorating the kitchen because they don’t consider it as important as the other parts of the house, such as the living room or dining area.

Rustic Oak Extension Table


How to Set Up a Country Kitchen

Contemporary styles and designs are quite common these days, but if you want to go the classic route and set up a rustic or country style kitchen, then it will surely add some depth and personality to your house.

Rustic Wall Planter


4 Reasons Why You Need Wall Planters in Your Home

Spring is just around the corner in a month or two and this is the time for planting new and freshly colored flowers.

Puebla Talavera Serving Tray


5 Ways to Embrace Your Mexican Culture and Heritage

Growing up in an international city or a country other than Mexico can sometimes make you forget that Mexican culture is a normal life for some.

Rustic Oak Table


Knowing Your Furniture Styles

Furniture defines the décor of your home but considering the number of styles available in the market, choosing the right furniture to go with your décor theme can get tricky.

Mexican Hanging Stars


Layering Your Home Lighting

When you walk into a home that’s warm and inviting, it’s not always clear why. However, much of it may have to do with the lighting. The right lighting can make a sofa more appealing, the architectural accoutrements more impressive, and the kitchen cozier.

Copper Dinning Table and Chairs


Is Your Dining Room Outdated?

Is your dining room outdated? Maybe this year is the time to beautify it! A well-planned dining room design is essential for this room to be its best. What you can do will depend heavily on the amount of space you start with.

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