4 Reasons Why You Need Wall Planters in Your Home

February 7, 2019

Spring is just around the corner in a month or two and this is the time for planting new and freshly colored flowers. If you don’t have a big garden or live in an apartment, then getting wall planters are the perfect thing to get to add some plants to your home. Here are 4 reasons why you should be adding some wall planters to your walls:

1.) Adds Life and Energy to Your Home

Nothing adds life and color to a home décor than adding fresh and brightly colored plants. Wall planters specifically add life to dull or boring walls, and it’s a nice touch if you want to avoid adding too many paintings.

2.) They Can Be Added to Every Part of the House

Wall planters are not restricted to be used only in certain areas, unlike paintings or other home décor materials, such as pottery or sculptures. You can add them to bedrooms, dining rooms, the kitchen and even the bathroom. The aesthetic appeal of wall planters are quite versatile and are sure to please most anyone’s taste.

3.) They Are Eco-Friendly

You can have an eco-friendly and stylish home if you have wall planters all over the house and the best part is that the more you have them, the prettier your house seems. Opt for succulents as they require minimal care. You are playing your part in reducing carbon emissions and also bringing fresh oxygen inside your home thanks to these wall planters.

4.) They Support All Types of Plants

Whether its herbs, ferns, ficus, ivy, flowers or succulents, you can have every kind of plant in wall planters and transport yourself to a secret garden or tropical forest of sorts.

Looking for finely handcrafted wall planters to add hint of green to your home? Head over to La Fuente and check out the entire collection.

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