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Mexican Décor

October 30, 2009

You don't have to be from Mexico to love Mexican décor. It doesn't hurt...but it's not a requirement. In fact, you don't even need to live in Texas or the Southwest to enjoy the rustic look of a culture rich in both history and craftsmanship. Mexican décor is about nature and color and passion for well-made furnishings to complement your home and add character to your surroundings. Whether you've been a collector for years, or are simply thinking about a change, here are a few tips to consider regarding Mexican décor.

When it comes to Mexican furniture, pine is king. Forget the minimalist style of a mass-produced product like Scandinavian particleboard. This is real Mexican pine, fashioned with care from colonial designs by skilled artisans. In Mexico, pine is used liberally in home construction, from doorways to roof supports, and nothing complements this architecture like rustic pine furniture. Depending on the room you're targeting, Mexican pine furniture can enhance almost any area with the natural look of real, handcrafted wood.

The dining room is arguably the heart of the traditional Mexican home. It's here that family and friends gather for everything from ordinary meals to elaborate fiestas. Clearly, there's no piece more important than the dining room table. Often it's the center of Mexican décor, and a rustic pine table and chairs can make all the difference. For a finishing touch, add an antique Mexican pine cabinet or hutch to tie the room together, and to display the colorful Talavera dinnerware you're so proud of.

Speaking of Talavera, a perfect remodel for your kitchen might be replacing those dull countertops with vibrant Talavera tile. For centuries, Mexican kitchens have been embellished with this elegant combination of color and pattern. Consider creating a cozy breakfast nook with Talavera tile and a Mexican pine bistro table. But you don't need to limit yourself to the kitchen. Talavera tile can transport your bathroom back to colonial Mexico, and an ornate Talavera sink will complete the look. Another way to enhance your Mexican décor is to install Talavera tiles in the risers of your staircase or the walls of your patio. That splash of color will dazzle your friends and family alike!

Bedrooms are no place to ignore when it comes to Mexican home décor. Like the dining room, Mexican pine furniture can convert your bedroom into a quaint, Puebla-style bed and breakfast. Start with a kiln-dried, ponderosa pine bed frame with hand-forged iron hardware - the sturdy, rustic beauty of this southwestern style is not only timeless, but will literally last a lifetime. Look for Mexican pine dressers and nightstands to complement the wood finish of the framed bed, or search for a complete rustic bedroom set. If storage is an issue, the classic feel of a traditional Mexican armoire will not only double your closet space, but enhance the ambiance as well. Afterwards, consider a Mexican tin mirror framed in Talavera tile for an eye-catching wall display.

If you're not looking for a single theme throughout your home, rustic Mexican décor can complement other styles as well. Rustic pine furniture blends excellently with leather, wrought iron, and almost all other types of wood furnishings and southwestern décor. In addition, the variety offered in Talavera ceramics will allow you the freedom to coordinate within the style that best suits your decorating vision.

At La Fuente Imports, we strive to provide you with the highest quality Mexican furniture and southwestern décor by hand-selecting every item from local artisans. For more information, browse our extensive furniture, home accessory, and folk art categories for the best selection online.

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