Hand-Made Masks

Coconut Masks

These delightful, handmade coconut masks are produced in Xaxlitla, Guerrero by Nahua Indian families who have been producing these amazing folk art masks for generations. They are made by splitting a coconut in half, hollowing out the center, and then embellishing it with "appendages" made from seedpods, corncobs and indigenous plant life. They are then painted with brightly colored acrylic paints by various artists to give them their slick, enameled look. You can hang these enchanting folk art objects in any room, adding a little bit of the heart of Mexico to your home.

Carved Masks

Harkening back to Meso-American times, these Mayan masks invoke the mystery and exuberance of a raw and unadulterated culture. Mayans had a unique, ritualistic and real connection to nature, art and astrological systems. These masks embody all aspects of these connections, from the mix of angular and curved lines to the stark contrast of the color schemes and carved figures. These masks celebrate human history and the mystery of life. Each mask has been hand-carved from a single piece of cedar, styled according to traditional Mayan art, and hand-painted in bold, lasting colors.

Painted Masks

Masks have always invoked a sense of mystery and stirred something deep in the human spirit. Our collection of painted masks comes from the Fammas studio in Jalisco, Mexico. Each ceramic mask is finely painted in high detail that can barely be captured in photographs. With penetrating eyes, each mask captures a natural environment or cultural icon, invoking the spirit of the scene. Without a doubt, the striking beauty of these painted masks will lend an artist's touch to your decor.

Beaded Masks

These beautiful, one-of-a-kind beaded masks are made by pressing tiny glass beads into natural beeswax spread over a hand-carved wooden form. Bead art is made in limited quantities by the Huichol people of southwestern Mexico. Click here for additional information on the Huichol people and how this art was made, and here for an Adobe Reader file describing the significance of their symbols and color choices.

Clay Masks

Hand-painted in Jalisco, Mexico, these beautiful ceramic masks are carefully crafted using traditional processes. Each is striking in its detail and design. These masks make a bold statement and will add color and character to any room. Incorporate a dramatic southwestern feel in your home with these Mexican clay masks!

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