Ann Kary Pewter

The Ann Kary Pewter Company was founded in 1989 by an affluent Mexican family who recognized the value of high-quality Mexican handicrafts. Even today, the same family maintains special attention to all aspects of the production process, from designing the molds, to selecting only high-quality materials, to finishing the pieces with a select and experienced labor force. This attention to detail, coupled with their elegant designs and the inherent uniqueness of Mexican pewter (a mixture of aluminum and zinc), has led to accounts in such well-known department stores as Neiman Marcus, Marshall Fields, and Bloomingdale's. La Fuente Imports is proud to now join these names, as the purchase of any piece in the Ann Kary Pewter Collection, whether as a special gift or for everyday use in one's own home, will most assuredly enhance the elegance, beauty and practicality of any environment in which it is placed.

We do not recommend cleaning your Ann Kary pewter in the dishwasher, but rather hand washing with warm water and mild soap. The pieces do not require polishing but can be buffed with a soft cloth to help maintain their luster. Food can be served on any of the platters and trays, and warmed in the oven up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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