Talavera Crosses

The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. Each Talavera cross is lovingly hand-made of clay and hand-painted with a variety of lively colors by skilled craftsmen in Mexico. The eye-catching designs and radiant colors on this Talavera cross will surely make a beautiful addition to any room. Place this cross in one room or several rooms...wherever you wish to display remembrance of your faith.

Tin Crosses

All of our Tin Crosses are lovingly handmade by artisans in Central Mexico. Using traditional techniques they cut and punch out tin to make these traditional and colorful crosses. The variety of lively colors make an eye-catching addition to any room. Place this cross wherever you wish to display a remembrance of your faith.

Rustic Clay Crosses

Handmade and hand-painted in Jalisco, Mexico, each of our Rustic Clay Crosses contains unique and powerful religious elements. Made with traditional clay firing techniques, each Rustic Clay cross is durable and suited for both indoor and outdoor usage. Add a subtle detail of your faith to your patio, courtyard, fireplace or kitchen. Find the design that speaks to you.

Wood & Metal Crosses

One of Mexico's oldest religious traditions, these elaborate wooden crosses have long been considered a cornerstone of popular Mexican folk art. Each handmade cross has been painstakingly adorned with tiny brass figures known as "milagros". The numerous tiny images nailed into each cross represent prayers and thanks for life's tiny miracles and gifts of heaven. The same religious charms are popularly used in Mexico's churches and on altars, and now you can faithfully decorate your own home with them!

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