Master Artisans of Mexico

Master Artisans of Mexico (MAM) is an organization that was founded with the express purpose of exposing the hidden artistic treasures of Mexico to a wider audience. They operate under one basic premise: to find and promote the most exceptional artists for every outstanding folk art genre in Mexico. The members of MAM work closely with the artisans, selecting the most elite items to represent their body of work. Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited editions, linking the traditional with the contemporary and the aesthetic and spiritual with the practical. For the artists, their craft is not simply how they earn a living, but represents their strong cultural heritage and creativity at the deepest level. After viewing firsthand the patience, talent, and detail that is involved in the various creative processes of the artists, from the gathering of local raw materials to the painstaking final steps, MAM is proud to acquaint the general public with these exemplary works of art.

Investing in Mexican art is a prudent way to protect your money in the uncertainty of today's economic climate. Not only will you acquire a uniquely beautiful and valuable artistic object, but you will also own a piece of cultural history that is bound to appreciate in value through the years. There are no production lines or factories churning out multiple, look-alike products or copies of other works. Instead, each piece is a true original, reverting back to the days before mass-production existed in the world. Most of the Master Artisans of Mexico have won numerous prizes and received financial grants to continue their work. Unfortunately, much of their knowledge is in danger of disappearing should these artists be unable to bequeath their secrets to future generations of artists. Our continued support of this art not only enriches our lives, but also empowers the future imaginative possibilities of the artists. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to invest in, enjoy, and cherish a piece of Mexican cultural heritage while these pieces are still available at a reasonable cost. Future members of your family will treasure these works of art and benefit greatly from your wise investment.

La Fuente Imports is proud to offer distinguished and original artwork by the following Master Artisans of Mexico:

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