Hand-Made Mirrors

Large Tin Mirrors

Mexico has long been renowned for its beautiful tin products, and La Fuente's expansive collection will not disappoint! Each unique design is produced with care by artisan families in the tranquil colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. It is meticulous work, as every complex pattern is carefully tapped into the metal by hand. The highly creative and imaginative designs offered by La Fuente Imports reflect the strong traditions and expert craftsmanship of the artists, and like all items featured on our website we dedicate ourselves to offering an incomparable level of quality. Most designs can be hung either horizontally or vertically and are available in either a natural or an oxidized tin finish.

Tin & Tile Mirrors

Mexico has for centuries been celebrated as the preeminent place to obtain fine tin products and exceptional Talavera. Now we at La Fuente are bringing these two beautiful crafts together with our exquisite Tin and Talavera Tile Mirrors. Each unique design is created with care by artisans in the peaceful colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. It is painstaking work, as each intricate pattern is carefully punched into the tin by hand. Most of the Talavera Tile mirrors are available in a variety of sizes, in your choice of natural or oxidized tin, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Wood & Metal Mirrors

Combining antique wood with eye-catching metals insets, our Southwest Collection mirror frames are a perfect example of old-world craftsmanship. The unique texture of the wood, found only in local abandoned haciendas, comes from decades of natural weathering and is the basis for this classic collection. These mirrors will not only beautify your home; they are solidly built to last a lifetime. Choose from 8 textured metal insets and 12 exclusive finish colors.

Painted Wooden Mirrors

Every stunning mirror frame in the Karpastado Collection has been meticulously hand-painted by renowned international artist Arcelia Barbero Gomez in her Guadalajara studio. With more than 25 years of contemporary exhibit experience, Arcelia's designs offer both vibrancy and depth. Every colorful frame is a true original, intimately and finely painted by the artist. Our 20 exclusive designs combine rich Latin tradition with expert contemporary craftsmanship, and will add immensely to any home decor.

Small Tin Mirrors

Hand-made by artisan families in Oaxaca and Jalisco, Mexico, these whimsical and unique hand-painted tin mirrors are perfect anywhere you may need a sliver of color or a focal point for a bland wall. Hanging one of these whimisical tin mirrors is the perfect way to spark your creativity and embrace your own Southwestern or South-of-the-Border spirit! As most are available for under $30, they are a funky addition to any decor and very economical as well. Choose from a vast array of colors, styles and characters including sacred hearts, suns, eclipses, peacocks, fish, fruit, owls, and cactus to name just a few.

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