Paper Mache Art

Paper Mache by Mundo Pequeno

As a young married couple, Luis and Rosa Jimenez had a vision. They wanted to create richly colored, vibrant and unique artwork of superior quality. Their dream came to fruition 3 years ago when they opened their retail shop in the Mexican state of Jalisco. La Fuente Imports in cooperation with Master Artisans of Mexico are proud to present the newest addition to our folk art collection. In the following pages you will see a stunning, lively array of hand crafted paper mache figurines, the likes of which are ideal for decorating the walls of your home with a remarkable splash of South-of-the-Border sunshine.

While Rosa tends their small retail shop on the main street of their Mexican village, Luis is busy creating new designs and overseeing production in their 5-person factory. Each piece of unique and original artwork is hand formed: no machines are used in the production. No two pieces are exactly alike, as they are all hand painted, then signed by the artisan who created them. You can't call your folk art collection complete until you claim one of these creations for your own!

Paper Mache Day of the Dead

Paper Mache is an old art, one that lends itself to unique forms and wonderful designs. With soft lines and smooth textures, paper mache art works perfectly for Day of the Dead figures and scenes of Mexican folklore. Our collection of paper mache Day of the Dead figures come from two highly capable studios. Each specializes in a stylistic representation of the celebrated afterlife. Every figure is hand-formed and hand-painted, giving you an original, eye-catching art piece perfect for anytime of the year.

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