Zapotec Designs

Every authentic Zapotec weaving offered by La Fuente Imports has been dyed and loomed by hand in the ancient village of Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca (southern Mexico). Each family in the village produces just one or two unique designs of high quality and durability, with most members of the family participating in some way. Sorting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving are all done in the home using predominantly traditional, organic dye materials, and all natural shades of wool. The weavings available from La Fuente Imports were chosen for the strength of the weave, quality of the dyes, complexity of the design, and the expression of warmth and cultural spirit.

Most of our Zapotec designs are available in pillow covers, rugs of many sizes plus coasters and runners.

Peruvian Designs

Peruvian art is a culmination of vibrant colors, rich history and diverse materials. With our collectian of peruvian textiles, you can see and feel the mixture of cultures present in the fabric. Brilliant colors and unique designs are inspired from a mingling of Spanish and Inca heritage.

Peru has a vast display of cultural diversity based on its different ecoregions such as the Andes, the Yungas and the Amazon, the Puna grasslands, various desert regions while having various coastal regions as well. This provides an abundant resource for various cultural motifs. We at Lafuente Imports are proud to provide these and other collections for you to accent your home.

Huipil Designs

Made from the embroidered cloth of traditional garments known as the Huipil (pronounced "Wee-Pil") tunic, these durable throw pillows bring lively design and cultural history wherever they go. Numerous fabric types, embroideries and stitching styles are used to create the Huipil, as each expresses the unique identity and personality of the indigenous woman who wears it. Made in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, each pillow is One-of-a-kind.

The Huipil is the Nahuatl name for the traditional handmade garment worn by indigenous women throughout Southern Mexico and Central America. Used as daily garments to special ceremonies, dressing the statues of saints and adorning women of high status, the Huipil is an important piece of clothing. That makes these throw pillows not just well-made and comfortable, but rich in tradition, too.

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