Rugs & Weavings

Zapotec Weavings

Every authentic Zapotec weaving offered by La Fuente Imports has been dyed and loomed by hand in the ancient village of Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca (southern Mexico). Each family in the village produces just one or two unique designs of high quality and durability, with most members of the family participating in some way. Sorting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving are all done in the home using predominantly traditional, organic dye materials, and all natural shades of wool. The weavings available from La Fuente Imports were chosen for the strength of the weave, quality of the dyes, complexity of the design, and the expression of warmth and cultural spirit.

Most of our Zapotec rug designs are available in 12 or more sizes including coasters, runners, rugs, and pillow covers. Select your preferences and complete your purchase by using our secure on-line checkout process or call us toll-free at 1.888.622.0939.

Southwest Rugs

If you want to introduce a Southwestern feel into you home while seeking affordability and durability, our Southwest line of rugs and textiles is a perfect solution. Handwoven from 100% wool and processed with real use in mind, these floor coverings harken to the rugged western outposts of mid 1800s. Having native american and mexican influences, these beautiful accessories to your home are of original design and color patterns.

We are continually developing this line, with more designs and sizes, so be sure to revisit for a wonderful selection of rugs and tapestries. Whether used as floor coverings or wall decor, these affordable textiles can become a centerpiece or accent to the rustic ideal of your home.

Nepalese Weavings

Locally known as Dhakas, these beautiful Nepalese fabrics are hand-loomed by local women using all-natural cotton. With every Dhaka you purchase, you are supporting women and families from impoverished areas of Nepal through our partnership with NAMLO International. By teaching women to produce traditional Nepali handicrafts, NAMLO is helping people and families earn much needed income and economic support for themselves and their communities.

The traditional craft of hand-looming requires incredible skill and ongoing training, both of which NAMLO provides at no cost to these individuals. Every dhaka is woven with thousands of very thin threads, averaging 50 longitudinal threads per inch. The process requires detailed calculations and planning to achieve accurate thread counts and properly executed design elements. With math and forethought required, the learning curve is steep and the women benefit from NAMLO’s intensive training.

La Fuente has chosen to offer these beautiful weavings to give them a wider audience and assist in NAMLO’s mission to raise impoverished Nepalis to self-sufficient levels. Each unique design will not only add beauty to your home decor, but will give you the warm feeling of improving the lives of hard-working women and families in need.

In addition to vocational training, NAMLO has built school facilities and provides ongoing literacy classes to the communities. Currently NAMLO is raising funds to replace a 40+ year old secondary school that is desperately in need of repair. Additionally they are developing plans to build a robust water and sanitation system. Please visit our giving back page for more information about our partnership with NAMLO International.

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