Gorky Gonzalez Pottery

Gorky Gonzalez Pottery

Gorky Gonzalez was born in Morelia, Mexico, in 1939. In his early twenties he studied classical painting and sculpture, but later became a student of Ceramics in the village of San Miguel de Allende. In San Miguel he built an artistic foundry and sculptor studio attended by both students and professional sculptors alike.

Gorky's main interest, however, had always been resurrecting traditional Colonial Majolica. In the early 1960's, Gorky came across an antique piece of pottery imported from the Mediterranean and began experimenting with the double-glaze technique known as Majolica. The technique, originally made popular in Italy and favored during Spanish colonialism, had been abandoned in Mexico since independence from Spain in 1821.

Gorky considered traditional Majolica a lost craft representing an important cultural and historical part of the region. "The notion of rescuing a forgotten craft - especially one so beautiful - was impossible to resist," said Gorky in 2002.

While striving to achieve this goal, Gorky was fortunate enough to meet Hisato Murayama, a young but cultured Japanese man living in Mexico and studying Spanish. Hisato was a profound connoisseur of Japanese pottery techniques, and he lent Gorky various books on the subject. He also encouraged Gorky to study ceramics in Japan.

In 1965, Gorky earned a two-year scholarship to study pottery in Japan. There he learned diverse pottery techniques from the likes of Tsuji Seimei, who practiced the Shigaraki technique, and Kei Fujiwara, a Japanese national treasure who taught the Bizen-Yaki technique. While in Japan, Gorky also met his wife Toshiko, who returned with Gorky to Mexico.

Upon returning to Guanajuato, Gorky and Toshiko founded their ceramic workshop dedicated to the double-glaze technique of traditional Majolica. Resurrection of this lost craft had remained Gorky's goal, and at last his dream was blossoming into fruition.

Almost 50 years later, it is this philosophy and dedication that have built the prestige and recognition of Gorky Gonzalez Traditional Pottery. Gorky Pottery is now one of the most important Majolica studios in Mexico, and in 1992 Gorky earned Mexico's National Award of Science and Arts in the field of Popular Art and Traditions.

Every authentic piece of pottery offered by La Fuente Imports is hand made at the Gorky Gonzalez Ceramic studio in Guanajuato, Mexico. This assures that every piece we ship to you is lead and cadmium free, chip and crack resistant, as well as microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

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