El Palomar Stoneware

If you are searching for elegant yet functional dinnerware to use not only for special occasions, but also for every day use, then look to the ceramic studio that has been creating high quality products for over thirty years. Using modern, high-temperature kilns to create a strong, vitreous finish and assure a lead free product, El Palomar produces tableware that is not only stunningly beautiful but also chip and crack resistant, not to mention microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

The creation of El Palomar dinnerware begins with the mixing and filling of forms with special proprietary clays followed by a lengthy air-drying in preparation for the first low temperature firing. After the intial firing, each piece is hand painted with original El Palomar designs and then fired at 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. Classified as high-fire stoneware, it is this second firing that vitrifies the clay, thereby creating an extremely durable finish. Additionally during the high-firing process subtle color variations are produced through precision oxygen reduction within the kiln. This process makes El Palomar place settings and vases an effective blend of modern technology with traditional ceramic craftsmanship.

From start to finish, each piece of stoneware requires twenty-eight days of dedicated work. It is this dedication and craftsmanship that has resulted in El Palomar recieving two presidential commissions and a world-wide following.

La Fuente Imports is proud to offer a selection of El Palomar's finest work and we are confident any pattern you choose will make for lifetime pieces you can hand down from generation to generation.

We have been using the Lotus pattern dishes regularly for over two years, for both everyday and special occasions. We cannot say enough good things about this tableware—its beauty, durability and serviceability are well beyond what we had hoped for.

Anne & Tony G., Toronto, Canada

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