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Talavera Tiles

Infuse the spirit of the Southwest into your home with these beautifully handcrafted Talavera tiles! An eye-catching accent in kitchens and baths, decorative ceramic tiles are also perfect for covering the risers on a staircase or the walls of a patio. Be creative with them anywhere in your home and left-over tiles will make excellent coasters and trivets.

The simple and special tile patterns form new geometric designs when combined, for example the corners of each tile creating a new middle piece. Be sure to check the alternate images under each tile to get an impression of this effect. Solid colors are great for separating your patterns with blocks and patches of color. Border tiles are ideal around edges like your kitchen counter tops and bathtubs.

These Talavera tiles are handmade in Mexico and can have both variances in color and imperfections in the finish. This is part of the appeal of Talavera tiles, they are meant to be imperfect and used in a rustic or southwestern setting. The standard sized tiles (4"x4") are kept in plentiful stock and the other sizes are special ordered from Mexico. Also, be sure to buy your tiles by the pack or box and save up to 20 percent!

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