Mata Ortiz Vase by Angel Guerrero Trillo

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Mata Ortiz pottery is Mexico's greatest example of fine ceramics and contemporary folk art. It originates from the tiny town of Mata Ortiz, in northern Mexico, where world-renowned master potter Juan Quezada created the unique Mata Ortiz style. The pottery is inspired by the designs of the ancient Casas Grandes pueblo people and, as in the ancient tradition, incorporates only local materials found in the nearby mountains; from the coveted clays to the rich oxides used in the paints that adorn the completed pots. Mata Ortiz pottery has quickly developed into its own unique and excitingly varied contemporary art movement. These museum quality pieces are completely handmade and incorporate modern, geometric designs with vivid paint and clay colors to produce breathtaking examples.

This unique bas-relief vase by master potter Angel Guerrero Trillo will make an exceptional addition to any fine art collection.

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Mata Ortiz Vase by Angel Guerrero Trillo
Mata Ortiz Vase by Angel Guerrero Trillo
4 1/2"W x 4 3/4"H
Item #: MTO539
This item is one of a kind.
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Fine contemporary ceramic art.

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Handmade by artist Angel Guerrero Trillo at his home in Mata Ortiz (Nuevas Casas Grandes), Chihuahua.

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