Wall Art Collections

Talavea Wall Art

HHandmade of clay in the classic Talavera style and then hand-painted with vibrant, eye-catching colors, these Talavera Suns add a touch of the Southwest style to any decor. Each piece of Talavera wall art is made by skilled artisans outside of Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, and personally chosen by the La Fuente team for its high quality and unique design. An eyelet located on the back of each sun makes them perfect for hanging in both indoor and/or outdoor spaces.

Carved Masks

Each mask is hand-carved by a Mayan artist from a single piece of cedar, styled according to traditional Mayan art, and stained in lasting colors. The quality of this art form is exceptional. There is no doubt that any one of these masks will add depth and culture to any space they grace.

Huichol Yarn Paintings

Every painting has been selected by hand to ensure the highest possible quality, and detailed captions written by the artist to help explain the painting's story are translated on the back into English. Click here for information on the significance of the symbols and color choices used by the Huichol Indians. It is these symbols that tell the story of each piece, and are a precious legacy worthy of preservation because they remain so unmistakably Native American in a larger world that becomes more and more uniform with each passing day.

Clay Masks

All of our rustic clay masks are hand-crafted using traditional processes by master artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. We believe the designs we've selected make a bold statement, and will add color and character to any room of your home!

Painted Masks

Hand-painted in Jalisco, Mexico, these beautiful ceramic masks are evident of deft hands. Each is striking in its detail and design. This Parrot mask captivates the mind and brings a touch of the jungle into your home. The scene is perfect for a children's room, patio, greenhouse or any vibrant decor.

Painted Metal Wall Art

Invite magic and creativity into your home! From the studios of Elias Toledano in Jalisco, Mexico, these unique metal wall art pieces are expertly crafted and wonderfully painted. With powerful details and eye-catching color schemes, this collection of wall art is sure to invoke nature and the Southwest.

Each piece is hand-painted and matte finished for indoor or outdoor use. As decoration for your patio, garden, office or living room, there is a design here to brighten your space.

Carved Relief Paintings

Every charming wooden panel in our Carved Relief Collection is lovingly handmade by a dedicated family of master artisans in Guanajuato, Mexico. The art form, now spanning three generations, begins by exquisitely carving a traditional design in bas-relief, then staining and painting the textured surface in striking colors. The three-dimensional aspect of the solid wood carving cannot be replicated by a painting alone, and adds immensely to the unique appeal of the artwork. The calming images of rural Mexican life will infuse charm and beauty anywhere in your home.

Coconut Masks

These delightful, handmade coconut masks are produced in Xaxlitla, Guerrero by Nahua Indian families who have been producing these amazing folk art masks for generations. They are made by splitting a coconut in half, hollowing out the center, and then embellishing it with "appendages" made from seedpods, corncobs and indigenous plant life. They are then painted with brightly colored acrylic paints by various artists to give them their slick, enameled look. You can hang these enchanting folk art objects in any room, adding a little bit of the heart of Mexico to your home.

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