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Talavera Planters

Spring is here and that means it's time for dressing up front porches and outside spaces with bursting blooms! What better way to do that than with a Talavera planter? Our planters are colorful, festive, and lend themselves to so many applications. You could plant petunias or ivy that cascade over the pot and spill over to the ground below. They also great for planting flowers, such as tulips or roses, to give a more formal flair or add a splash of color to your space. The options are truly endless.

Handcrafted and made in the traditional Talavera style, these planters are meant to add some pizzazz wherever they are placed. Add a couple beside your garden sitting space; you could even put them on your porch to create a warm welcome. The great thing about these planters is that you can use them with or without plants. In the fall, try adding some gravel and tea lights or pillar candles to create a bit of atmosphere. You can use them to help illuminate your next weekend party, and provide some ambient light for your guests as they mingle in your backyard.

Their colorful design and intricate patterns give the eye something beautiful to admire. Guests will be drawn to the vibrancy, and the colors help set the mood for your space. So, whether you are looking to dress it up, or keep it casual and relaxed, our festive Talavera planters are the perfect choice for just about any space.

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